Led by visionaries and experts
Aiuta’s team combines decades of experience in AI technology and fashion retail to revolutionize e-commerce
Chairman of the Board
Florian Jansen
Florian co-founded and led Lamoda, a fashion e-commerce platform with over 18 million monthly users, and went public in 2019 as part of Global Fashion Group (ETR: GFG), hitting USD 2 billion in NMV in 2022.

As an angel investor and Venture Partner at Antler, Florian supports various tech startups. He also serves on supervisory and advisory boards in the GCC and CIS.

Through FJX Group, Florian and his partners provide IT and business solutions to retail, logistics, and technology clients.
Designated CEO
Inara Mukhamedova
Inara brings extensive experience in strategy, transformation, and operations in fashion and SaaS. She began her career at McKinsey, followed by the role of Chief Customer Experience Officer at Lamoda in 2013 (a fashion e-commerce company that went public and reached USD 2 billion NMV in 2022). She later joined Marks and Spencer, where she developed the strategy for Clothing & Home and led transformation efforts. Inara also oversaw global customer growth at ASOS, managing global acquisition, customer retention, and proposition performance across all geographies. In her most recent role at Kantar XTEL, Inara focused on SaaS business strategy and transformation.
Sergey Akimov
Sergey Sergey has a rich history of transforming visionary ideas into cutting-edge tech products.

Previously, he led the development of SberPortal, SberBox Top, and Salute TV OS at SberDevices, and spearheaded Yandex Station, Russia's first smart speaker. His expertise spans smart devices, embedded software, fintech, and AI, with a proven track record in building and leading high-performing teams.

At Aiuta, he leverages Computer Vision to create an AI stylist, merging fashion and technology.
Konstantin Kruglov
Konstantin Kruglov is an experienced technology leader with over 25 years of expertise in machine learning-based technologies. He is renowned for creating award-winning product lines of smart devices with voice assistants.

As a board member of Aiuta, Konstantin leverages his extensive technical knowledge and leadership experience to drive the company's strategic initiatives in Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, and Generative AI.
Maisa Benatti
Maisa Benatti is a seasoned fashion industry expert with extensive experience in product management, having worked with platform, data, AI and CX product development. She holds a master's degree in Fashion with a focus on technology.

Previously at Farfetch, Maisa spearheaded numerous experiments and launched innovative features such as virtual try-on, synthetic models, personalisation algorithms, and an AI stylist. Her tenure at Amazon was marked by achievements in reducing product returns through enhanced size and fit experiences, underscoring her deep understanding of the fashion ecosystem and e-commerce.
Valentin Dedkov
Valentin Dedkov brings extensive expertise in finance operations and and business transformation across various industries. He has a robust background in business consulting, with a particular focus on digital companies and guiding organizations through IPOs and private equity rounds.

As CFO/COO of Aiuta, Valentin is dedicated to driving financial and operational efficiency and achieving strategic milestones of Aiuta.
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